May Mishmash of Monstrous Miscellany

(Editor’s note: It took me four days to think of the epically alliterative title for this blog post.)

As I delve deeper into the online horror writing community, I’ve clicked across a mishmash of talented authors, interesting news bits, writing updates, and fun lists. So, I thought I’d share some of them in today’s post.

In the talented author category, I started reading two writers, Dan Padavona and Jason R. Davis, who send you a free ebook when you join their mailing lists. I love the first lines of books, and these authors deliver awesome openers in their first chapters.

Dan Padavona sends you DARK VANISHINGS, the first of his four-book POST-APOCALYPTIC HORROR series.

I love how Padavona starts off his novel with such deceptive imagery.

“In the golden sunlight, cottony clouds threw shifting shadows across the sleepy park. Where am I? Tori awakened to the thick scent of cut grass.”

You’d think Tori woke up to a beautiful day, huh? Think again. Check out Padavona’s website here.

Jason R. Davis sends you HATCHED, the first of his INVISIBLE SPIDERS trilogy. I could hear his first line crackling through the radio in my mind.

“This is the screamin’ demon heading westbound on I-80. I need a bacon check, come back.”

Bacon makes everything better, doesn’t it? And what a beautifully horrific book cover for HATCHED! Check out Davis’ website here.

In the News

On the news front, The Horror Show with Brian Keene is holding its second annual 24-hour live streaming telethon to raise money for Scares That Care on May 11. The charity helps children with cancer, women with breast cancer, and burn victims. The goal is to raise $20,000 in 24 hours. Scares That Care is a volunteer organization, and all donations go directly to the families in need.

The 2018 Horror Show with Brian Keene Telethon will be live-streamed for free across the world via the Project Entertainment Network’s YouTube channel. It will begin at noon Eastern Standard Time on May 11 and end at noon on May 12 in the Courtyard Marriott at 2799 Concord Road in York, Pennsylvania. You also can attend the telethon in person for $25 a ticket, which would be awesome because a number of cool guests are expected to attend. Check out the telethon details here.

Horror Tree growing

One of my go-to websites as a horror writer is Horror Tree, and I love seeing it branch out. (Alliteration and puns! My god, I’m on fire today.) The Horror Tree staff is preparing to release its first-ever TREMBLING WITH FEAR anthology. I don’t have a story in there, but a lot of outstanding writers will. No publication date yet, but it sounds like Horror Tree is on the home stretch in finishing the book.

In its May update, Horror Tree reported that adding the market posts for nonfiction and children’s short stories has been well received. The site has also started posting book reviews. Finally, it looks like Horror Tree will be adding an amusing interactive game on its site in the future.

Check out Horror Tree’s website here.

Monster Mash

Lilyn G., one of the prolific minds at Sci-Fi & Scary, posted an interesting and funny Top Ten list titled “We Need These Creatures in Our Creature Features” on May 1. Lilyn thinks horror books and films need more creature diversity. Who knows? You may look at this list and get an idea for the next great horror novel.

No. 1 on Lilyn’s list is the sloth with its “bad hair, pervy smile” and its claws. No. 2 is a squirrel, or rather a Godzilla-sized rabid squirrel. Personally, I’d be worried about their penchant for nuts, but what do I know? I’m just a guy.

I’ll let you read the rest of the Top Ten list and learn what a “tardigrade” is. I had no idea, but I do now, and I can’t get that creepy image out of my mind. Thanks for that, Lilyn.

Check out the list here.

This Is Horror Reader’s Digest

A website that has catapulted onto my own Top Ten list of favorite horror sites is This Is Horror. It’s a horror fan’s paradise.

I enjoyed their post titled “5 Must Read Horror Articles” with links to diverse and interesting stories for horror fans and writers alike from all over the internet. It’s like a Reader’s Digest roundup.

This week features historical praise for AMC’s TV adaptation of Dan Simmons’ “The Terror” from Bloody Disgusting’s website and a Horror Tree interview with horror/sci-fi publisher Gehenna & Hinnom.

Check out the article link here.

I hope you were able to find at least one item of interest in today’s hodgepodge of notes and news. Until next week …

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5 thoughts on “May Mishmash of Monstrous Miscellany

  1. I won’t lie, the Tardigrades didn’t just freak me out, they made me decide that water is no longer my favourite natural resource.

    Also, the list itself is quite unique but man if anyone turns any of those into an actual horror and it’s good, I will give them high praise!

    Thanks for the heads up as usual on all the horror goodies Lionel 🙂

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