One-Sentence Reviews: My 3rd Quarter 2020 Reads

(Editor’s note: One of my all-time favorite features of any blog on the Internet is “One-Sentence Reviews” by horror author Priscilla Bettis. In her 3rd Quarter 2020 reads, she packs more than 40 brief but substantive reviews into one easy-to-digest post. She even included reviews of my short stories, “Dead of Winter” and “Tap.”)

Priscilla Bettis

During the past quarter I read a bunch of awesome horror (and other) books, but I had a DNF, too.:-(

“A Good Provider” by Willian F. Aicher. Frank, the main income-earning for his family, is scared of the dark . . . and he should be. I dare ya to read this story in the dark using only the light of your e-reader.:-)

Guns of Perdition by Jessica Bakkers. Western splatterpunk at its best with a no-nonsense, gun-slinging protagonist, Grace, and her adorable sidekick, Jessie, who had me all teary-eyed at the end.

Fort by Rob Boley. It’s not a perfect story, but I admire Boley’s creative concept of placing a kid in a blanket fort (you know, like those indoor clubhouses we all made when we were kids and then got in trouble for disassembling the living room couch) for four years while the apocalypse rages…

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