“Scarecrow Road” debuts on The Night’s End Podcast

Pretty cool, huh?

Tonight was a super exciting night for me because I HEARD my short story “Scarecrow Road” for the first time on The Night’s End Podcast. I wrote “Scarecrow Road” as a creepy Halloween tale, but listening to a dramatic reading of it — complete with spooky sound effects — certainly elevated it to another level of creepy for me.

Jimmy Horrors is the creator, executive producer and host of The Night’s End. His voice acting is sufficiently spooky enough, but he adds so many detailed sound effects that I forgot I was listening to my own story. The episode clocks in at less than 14 minutes.

“Scarecrow Road” is special to me for many reasons. It was the first story I ever entered into a writing contest, winning the WriterWriter 2018 International Halloween Themed Writing Competition: All Hallows’ Prose. I released it as my first-ever standalone ebook on Amazon Kindle in 2019 to celebrate turning 50 years old. It’s also available in the 2019 anthology Halloween Horror: Volume 1.

And now it’s an episode of The Night’s End Podcast.

You can listen to “Scarecrow Road” for free by clicking HERE.

6 thoughts on ““Scarecrow Road” debuts on The Night’s End Podcast

  1. Alyson Faye

    Really enjoyed this Lionel, creepy, easy to listen to, flowed well and the ending, really knocked me for six. You’re right the sound effects def added to the experience. I was there- in the car, on the road, in the field.

    1. Thank you, Alyson! It really surprised me how spooky he made it all sound. By the way, I downloaded and started reading your SHORT SHARP SHOCKS Night of the Rider to review for my November’s DOUBLE FEATURE column. I just finished reading ones by Kev Harrison and Steve Stred for October. Keep up the awesome work!

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