Horror Book Review: LAST DAY

LAST DAY by extreme horror virtuoso Bryan Smith is a pre-apocalyptic novel about how people react when faced with the prospect of impending doom.

Here’s the Amazon description:

The last day of the world starts out like any ordinary day. Everything seems normal. Then news breaks of an imminent killer asteroid strike and everything changes forever. With the human race facing sudden extinction, the world descends into chaos. Now that no one has anything to lose, hidden horrors are unearthed and brought to the light. Serial killers and other predators no longer have to hide, indulging their dark appetites without fear of reprisal. The seemingly meek reveal inner monsters and go on killing sprees. The world is engulfed in carnage and blood flows freely in the streets. A few seek to rise above the madness and find a way to do the impossible — survive the end of the world.

Since Smith is writing it, you know the people in LAST DAY aren’t the ones who face their final 18 hours with courage and honor. Smith focuses on a mix of characters who decide to reveal and/or act out their darkest desires.

My 5-star Amazon review reads:

With 18 hours left before the world ends, society descends into madness and depravity. That’s the focus of Bryan Smith’s latest novel. LAST DAY follows a cast of characters who handle news of the world’s ending differently. Some jump at the chance to indulge in their sick urges without fear of reprisal. Others cling to hope. But we’re talking about the author of DEPRAVED, so we get plenty of plot surrounding the sick urges. From the moment a stunning family secret is revealed, LAST DAY plunges relentlessly into the dark hole of the human soul and emerges as a nihilistic, pre-apocalyptic extreme horror classic by a master of the genre.

I enjoyed the sick twists and turns in LAST DAY. With Smith, you never know how far his characters are willing to go in their depravity, which makes for a wild roller-coaster ride. The easily offended need not buy a ticket.

After a doozie of a first chapter set around a family watching the U.S. president address the upcoming disaster, LAST DAY really jams the pedal to the plot metal after the first Budweiser bottle smashes in Chapter Two.

Smith follows an eclectic cast of characters: a seemingly typical family of four; an unassuming Prius-driving insurance administrator; an insanely cool stuntwoman named Daisy Rockingham; and a sexually repressed hospital worker with her security guard boyfriend.

Released April 29, LAST DAY feels tonally like an X-rated Tarantino-directed version of THE PURGE minus the political subtext or the 2004 DAWN OF THE DEAD remake minus the zombies.

When it comes to monsters, zombies ain’t got nothing on humans anyway. Smith knows this as well as any extreme horror writer on the scene. He understands who the real monsters are. That’s why he remains one of the best authors in the genre.

Check out LAST DAY on Amazon here.

Check out Smith’s website here.

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