Horror Book Review: DEMONIC

The first word I thought after reading Demonic, the newest novel by Jeff Strand, is bonkers.

However, bonkers seems a bit inappropriate since Demonic is about a Satanic cult whose members kill without mercy. Actually, the book is about a guy named Corey who decides to rescue his co-worker Quinn by killing her abusive husband and setting off a riotous string of unintended consequences.

Released January 21st, Demonic will delight fans of Strand’s more darkly humorous horror work like Twentieth Anniversary Screening or Ferocious. Here, most of the chuckles emanate from the interaction between Corey and Quinn, but the Evil Dead-inspired kill scenes exude a comical aroma once the gallons of blood start spurting all over the place.

The plot finds Corey, a typical man who enjoys the single life, surprised to discover himself falling in love with his married co-worker Quinn. When Quinn confides to Corey that her husband Vic is a violent abuser, Corey decides to save her from the monster.

Without telling Quinn, Corey intends to kill Vic, but his plan is thwarted by dark forces beyond his comprehension. The result is a frenetically paced run-hide-fight romp through a neighborhood suburb, onto a highway, and into the woods. Giving chase is a mask-wearing Satanic cult hell-bent on revenge.

Of course, Demonic is written by the Bram Stoker Award-winning Strand, so you know there are a couple of twists and turns to keep you off balance until the unexpected climax.

Next up for Strand is his novelization of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, which releases April 14th from Encyclopocalypse Publications. I’m only guessing from the title, but it sounds appropriately bonkers.



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