The Keenedom arises amidst social media chaos

Bram Stoker Award-winning author and 2014 World Horror Grandmaster Brian Keene has turned to the archaic but nostalgic message board format amidst the chaos of social media, creating The Keenedom for horror creators and fans to interact. Keene released news of the message board on the eve of his dear friend J.F. Gonzalez’s passing. Gonzalez, who wrote the seminal extreme horror novel Survivor, died on November 10, 2014.

On November 9, Keene tweeted, “Are you sick of using a dozen different social media platforms to find your horror family? Wish there was a way to have better conversations with fellow readers and favorite creators? Or, if you prefer, to be a fly on the wall? Join us. It’s free.”

Within hours, Keene reported 355 registered members and 1,557 unregistered guests had visited The Keenedom at The site features communities where members can communicate, conduct business, and promote and share their work in forums like Books and Comics, Gaming, Artist Alley, and The Marketplace.

In addition, nearly 70 creators have their own individual forums where they can interact directly with fans. The creators range from authors and editors to filmmakers and publishers. The names are a who’s who of the horror genre, including Josh Malerman (Bird Box), Paul Tremblay (The Cabin at the End of the World), Edward Lee (White Trash Gothic), Joe R. Lansdale (Hap and Leonard), and the list goes on and on.

The Keenedom is definitely worth a visit for horror creators looking for a family of peers or for fans looking for the latest news on their favorite authors.

Here’s the link for The Keenedom.


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