New ezine Horror Curated launches debut issue

Publisher released its debut edition of the new digital magazine Horror Curated with the theme “Haunted Holidays” on November 13th.

Another labor of love from creator and horror lifestyle podcaster Emerian Rich, Horror Curated features 48 full-color pages packed with interviews, reviews, and interesting articles on horror history, spooky locations, crafts, and other yuletide-related stories. Click HERE to visit the ezine’s Etsy site.

I had the honor of interviewing horror book cover artist Lynne Hansen for the first issue. I have one of Mrs. Hansen’s prints of the Dweller book cover hanging directly above my office desk.

Dweller is written by one of my all-time favorite authors Jeff Strand, who happens to be Mrs. Hansen’s husband. I met the couple at a Bigfoot conference in Georgia to get my Dweller book signed by Mr. Strand.

As a bonus, I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Hansen, who is as delightful as she is talented. She was a wonderful choice and interview for the first issue of Horror Curated. Check out her website and art HERE.

By the way, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Dweller beautifully and tragically chronicles a decades-long relationship between a human and a Bigfoot-like creature. It was the first thing I reviewed when I started writing The Bigfoot Files column for three and a half years ago. Click HERE to read the review. I definitely recommend the book.

Other features in the first issue of Horror Curated include interviews with Gothic horror music duo Midnight Syndicate, creator Nikolette Jones, and writer Cliff Biggers. Articles include “An Exploration of A Christmas Carol Adaptations,” “How to Make a Haunted Holiday Lantern,” and “5 Spooky Locations with Christmas Names.”

Horror Curated is the second major publication by in 2022. In April, the publisher released Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2, which debuted as the #1 New Release in the Philosophy Reference category on Amazon.



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