The Tale of an Unknown, Emerging Writer from Alabama

I’m one of the most unknown horror and fantasy writers you could ever know.

Or don’t know, if I’m going to be completely accurate.

But even I have a website (shameless parenthetical plug and link inserted here).

I started my website in January of this year with zero expectations. I’m glad to report that I’ve succeeded in meeting those expectations.

I only receive a few views and fewer visitors on my website, making me wonder if I’m wasting time on my occasional blogs.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or these blogs, because they take time away from my writing.

But you have to be somewhat active on all these platforms if you’re an unknown writer and hope to one day elevate yourself to the level of obscure writer.

However, if my website never explodes into a favorite of millions, it has been worth the time I’ve spent on it for one reason: It’s why my latest short story found a home.

If you’re like me, you submit dozens of stories, get dozens of rejections, and maybe receive an acceptance or two along the way.

I always expect rejections, so when I do get the occasional acceptance, I can officially “freak out” with excitement. It gives me a reason to go full-blown Kool & the Gang and “celebrate and have a good time.”

When I receive an acceptance, I become a party animal of sorts, if, by party animal, you mean going to Barnes & Noble and ordering the Salted Caramel Toffee Cookie with my white chocolate mocha. I capitalized the cookie because anything that damn delicious deserves capitalization.

The party continues with me perusing the fantasy section and sniffing the hardcover editions of the books I want. It’s as close to the smell of success as I can imagine.

Anyway, back to the website.

No one has ever found my website and said, “Hey, Lionel, we’re publishing an anthology and would like to invite you to submit a story.”

Until April 25.

That’s when I received an email from a lady at Z Publishing House, saying “I found your website online and thought you may be interested in submitting some of your writing to our ‘America’s Emerging Writers’ series edition for Alabama.”

My first thoughts were: “You found my website? How? Did you hire a private detective? Did you call Sam and Dean, or better yet, Mulder and Scully? Did it involve a seance?”

Seriously, there were more Bigfoot sightings yesterday than the number of people who visited my website this year. I had so many questions.

Then it hit me: “They found my website. They found my website.” And that’s all that matters. And that’s why all unknown writers should have websites because if they can find me, they can find you.

I submitted five stories to Z Publishing House, putting my best one first, and they picked it for the anthology titled Alabama’s Emerging Writers, which was released on Amazon on August 7. My story is titled “She.” It’s about a grief-stricken widower who encounters a beautiful woman on the beach. She offers him a second chance at happiness, but there’s a price.

Emerging Writers.jpg

Anyway, it’s official. I’m not an unknown writer anymore. I’m an unknown, emerging writer. I don’t know about you, but that’s got to be a step closer to becoming an obscure writer.

So, come join my party at Barnes & Noble this weekend. Just follow the toffee crumbs to the fantasy section. I’ll be the guy sniffing the hardcover novels. It’ll be a blast.

Hey, I may be an unknown, emerging writer now, but I still know how to party.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


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6 thoughts on “The Tale of an Unknown, Emerging Writer from Alabama

  1. Lol, glad you got included in the anthology and I’m even happier this internet social media presence paid off for you. I’ll be sure to let you know if the same ever happens for me…but I’m not holding my breathe.

  2. W R Daniel

    Well we all have to start somewhere (you have as many likes for this post as I have followers!). My one published piece this year was with a small online British website which I found really easy to work with. If you have any pieces to submit I would highly recommend them and the winning story is published on their website which you can read and see if it’s your kind of thing. They used to do a print copy but I think they are online only now. Anyway the website is:

    It might be worth a shot. Anyway, glad I also found your blog, stick with it!

    1. Thank you for the tip and for reading my blog. Congratulations on winning a short story contest. That’s awesome! I will check out I’ve had most of my success via, which lists deadlines for all types of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy publications. Good luck and happy writing!

      1. W R Daniel

        Thank you, and thanks for following my blog. I’ll give a go, I haven’t come across it before but sounds great. thanks for that! Good luck with your next projects!

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