‘Dead of Winter’ released on Amazon Kindle

On Monday, I released my sixth short story on Amazon Kindle. Titled “Dead of Winter,” the story is a super-quick read about a man in a van who happens upon a stranded female motorist on a country road during a wintry afternoon.

“Dead of Winter” dramatizes the sometimes nerve-racking game played between a man and a woman during the commonly used “stranded motorist” encounter. I personally love the books and movies where encounters on the road are unexpectedly dangerous. The 1997 film Breakdown starring Kurt Russell comes to mind as a particularly well done story about the “stranded motorist.”

For “Dead of Winter,” I wanted to lead the reader down the familiar path of the “stranded motorist” cliché but try to give it my own little twist. Hopefully, “Dead of Winter” entertains the reader on a short break at work or a few minutes before bedtime. That’s the goal anyway.

Someone at work said to me, “You released ‘Dead of Winter’ in the dead of summer.” Hmm. I guess I’m not a marketing genius. But you can always read the story with the air conditioner on full blast if you need to set the mood, right?

Click on the link HERE if you want to check out “Dead of Winter.”


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