The Price of the Princess is available on Amazon Kindle

I published a fantasy short story titled “The Price of the Princess” on January 9th. As I wrote in the introduction, the story was originally selected by an anthology titled Dark Dominions and scheduled for release last year.

princess cover.jpg

However, the Kickstarter campaign for the anthology was unsuccessful, and the publisher canceled the project.

I planned to submit “The Price of the Princess” to another anthology, but I liked my Princess Galina and her story enough to publish it on Amazon Kindle.

Galina is a headstrong teenager who bucks tradition to help a stranger after witnessing a harsh reality of the world outside her castle.

However, the gesture places her in potential danger, which angers her parents.

I think Galina and her parents were right in how they acted. Galina wanted to help someone in need, and her parents wanted to protect Galina from a dangerous world.

I’m not a parent, but I think parents often find themselves conflicted when raising children, even when children are trying to do the right thing.

A side note: Galina is inspired by Princess Merida from the Disney Pixar film Brave.

Anyway, “The Price of the Princess” is available on Amazon Kindle here.

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