KINDLE VELLA REVIEW | Island of the Dead

(Editor's Note: Kindle Vella publishes serial stories to read one short episode at a time.) The fantasy action/adventure novel Island of the Dead by Brian Keene is an old-fashioned story hearkening back to the days of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian. In fact, the main character is a barbarian named Einar. The first three …

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Cover art by Lynne Hansen at In Twentieth Anniversary Screening, author Jeff Strand chronicles the tragic history of a terrible 1991 slasher movie titled The Roofer. Written like a retrospective article on a horror news website, the story recounts the bloody history of events surrounding the film. A 2021 Bram Stoker Award nominee for …

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One-Sentence Reviews: My 1st Quarter 2022 Reads

(Editor’s Note: Here’s another edition of one of my favorite features on the Web by prolific reader and horror author Priscilla Bettis.)

Priscilla Bettis

I had a delicious list of books to read this past quarter, everything from classic literature to extreme horror. Well, the extreme horror stories weren’t so “delicious.” I definitely needed a sweet romance palate cleanser after those!

Here are my one-sentence reviews for 1st quarter 2022:

The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. Seriously, Atwood was ahead of her time as this book proves with its questioning of traditional family makeup, its point-of-view manipulation, and its hugely symbolic storyline. Library.

Flesh Rehearsal by Brian Bowyer. Bowyer’s extreme horror novel is written in his signature style that borders on stream-of-consciousness, and I admit that the book went over my head. KU.

Road Narrows by Brian Bowyer. I’m glad I gave Bowyer’s style of writing another shot because this brutal story with high-brow existentialist and theological themes had me in its grip and would not let go! KU.

Good Liniment by C.S. Boyack…

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