One-Sentence Reviews: My 3rd Quarter 2022 Reads

(Editor’s note: Author Priscilla Bettis’ quarterly one-sentence review posts are always fun and eclectic reads. Plus, she has her own book titled Dog Meat coming out November 8th. Click HERE to order.)

Priscilla Bettis

Can she do it? Can Priscilla write 33 reviews using only one sentence each? Let’s find out!

Plotting for Murder by Tamra Baumann is your typical, cute cozy mystery, this time with a love story included, awww. KU.

The Box by Scott J Couturier combines contemplative passages with science fiction and horror to produce a collection of unique, dark short stories. ARC from publisher.

No One Can Help You by Ruth Anna Evans. This is a collection of emotional horror short stories featuring childhood and parental nightmares penned in Evans’ hypnotic prose. KU.

Relative Chaos by Kay Finch is a cozy mystery with multiple mysteries, crazy family dynamics, greed, danger, quirky characters, engaging plot… this one has it all! KU.

Don’t old clocks kinda give you goosebumps anyway?

“The Long Case Clock” by Ken Fry is an expertly penned short story of occult horror with an old clock as a…

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