One-Sentence Reviews: My 3rd Quarter 2021 Reads

(Editor’s Note: Here’s another edition of one of my favorite features on the Web by prolific reader and horror author Priscilla Bettis.)

Priscilla Bettis

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Here are the fiction and nonfiction books I read during the last three months. It LOOKS like I read a lot, but there are quite a few short stories and novellas, so I didn’t really read that many pages. Anyway, I’ll attempt a coherent, one-sentence review for each without cheating and stringing a bunch of sentences together with and!

For fun, this time I put them in reverse alphabetical order by author.:-)

Telecommuting by L. Marie Wood. There is (practically) only one character in this contemporary, slow-burn mystery novella, but Wood makes it work by feeding the reader clues and creating an anxious, believable setting. KU.

I can’t believe Tidepool is Willson’s debut. It’s SO good!

Tidepool by Nicole Willson is a Gothic-Lovecraftian novel with a misty, dank atmosphere, a protagonist you can root for, and a plot you can sink your teeth into. Kindle.

The Horror of the Broken…

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The Only Good Indians tops This Is Horror Awards 2020

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