Digital ezine Horror Curated releases second issue

Publisher released the second issue of its new digital magazine Horror Curated with the theme “Bloody Tea.” 

The brainchild of creator and horror lifestyle podcaster Emerian RichHorror Curated features 48 full-color pages packed with interviews, reviews, and interesting articles on horror history, spooky locations, and crafts. To visit the ezine’s Etsy site, click here.

For this issue, I had the honor of interviewing award-winning Atlanta author Amanda DeWees, a talented writer of Victorian gothic romance novels. DeWees won a 2015 Daphne du Maurier Award for With This Curse and a 2012 RONE Award for Sea of Secrets

Other interviews in the second issue of Horror Curated include musicians Valentine Wolfe, spooky home goods maker Darrin Bardin, and witchy tea brewer Cassandra Raven. 

Horror Curated is the third major publication by in the past year. In November, it released the debut issue of Horror Curated. In April, the publisher released Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2, which debuted as the #1 New Release in the Philosophy Reference Category on Amazon.


New ezine Horror Curated launches debut issue


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