‘Peace of Mind’ is a thriller inside a twisted mind

I released my short story “Peace of Mind” on Amazon Kindle over the weekend. It’s a horror story, but more on the psychological side of the spectrum.

Peace of Mind cover.jpg

I’m not a fan of psychological horror. I’m a meat-and-potatoes horror fan formed in the womb of the books and films of the 1970s and 1980s. What can I say? I enjoy gore and the intensity of life-and-death struggles. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Give me some inbred hillbilly cannibals, and I’ll probably give you my money to read about them.

Although, I will say, if written well, psychological horror can be an awesome reading experience. I recently read Bottled by Stephanie Ellis, which I’d categorize as psychological horror with a supernatural twist. It was an amazing story with an ending that stuck with me long after I’d read the final word.

“Peace of Mind” is no Bottled, but I enjoyed writing about my main character. She’s a psychic detective named Frida Ortega who takes on a difficult case. Frida is a mother’s last hope in finding where her daughter is buried. The only person who knows is a killer named Lyle Cunningham, and he’s about to be executed. Frida receives permission to speak with Cunningham for one hour the day before his execution to search his mind for the daughter’s whereabouts.

The cover of “Peace of Mind” alludes to the “murky water”  that psychics encounter inside the human psyche.

“Peace of Mind” is the fifth short story I’ve released as a standalone single. If you read “Peace of Mind,” I hope you enjoy it. As always, thanks for visiting, and stay safe from the coronavirus.

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