Grindhouse Press authors win top honors at 2019 Splatterpunk Awards

Grindhouse Press authors Kristopher Triana and Bryan Smith won top honors during the 2019 Splatterpunk Awards held at KillerCon in Austin, Texas, on August 17.

The Splatterpunk Awards were co-founded by Wrath James White and Brian Keene and recognize superior achievement in the sub-genres of Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror.

full brutal

Triana won Best Novel for Full Brutal, a story of madness told from the point of view of a sadistic 16-year-old cheerleader.

Smith won Best Novella for Kill for Satan!, a retro tale of devil worshipers attacking a small town. Smith’s Dead Stripper Storage was also nominated in the Best Novella category.

Ryan Harding won Best Short Story for “The Seacretor,” the opening boat-crash salvo in the anthology Splatterpunk Forever edited by Jack Bantry and Kit Power.

Splatterpunk Forever also won Best Anthology. It was the second year in a row that Bantry and Power won in the category. Last year, Splatterpunk Fighting Back won Best Anthology.

David J. Schow won Best Collection for DJStories published by Subterranean Press. Schow was selected the first J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award during the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards last year.

Publisher and author David G. Barnett was selected the J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award recipient this year for his contributions to Splatterpunk.

The nominees were selected by readers, fans, and professionals before a panel of six chose the winners from the final ballot. The jury was Regina Garza-Mitchell, Gabino Iglesias, Tod Clark, Gerard Houarner, Jason Cavallaro, and Garrett Cook.

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Bryan Smith leads nominations for Splatterpunk Awards

Winners of 2018 Splatterpunk Awards

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